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Score Savers is 1-on-1 Tutoring

Thank you for taking the time to visit Score Savers, your source for advanced assistance in college application and test preparation. When we say we are 1-on-1 tutoring, we mean all of our tutoring is 1-on-1. At Score Savers, we are capable of providing you with help on your college admissions tests in order to make your application more appealing to colleges. We offer a variety of affordable college prep courses that will set you on the path to success on the ACT, the SAT, the SAT IIs, the AP Tests and more! Also - because the college acceptance process is not based solely on your test scores - we will be glad to assist you in writing the very best application letter. Whether you are striving to get into the prestigious college of your dreams or you are just looking to boost the appeal of your application, the team at Score Savers is here to help!

Why Is Score Savers The Best?

An Individual Approach

We work hard to make sure that we teach everything that students need to know, in order to do the best that they can on the exams! We tailor each student's program to their individual needs, so there is no "standard case" at Score Savers! Each and every one of our students is unique and so is our approach to tutoring each student. Click below to learn more about our approach!

Top Notch Tutors

Every one of our tutors is carefully selected for their aptitude or educational expertise. Each of our tutors undergoes a rigorous training course which is supplemented with a weekly review process to ensure every student is preforming at the high level that we expect. To learn more about our selection, training, and review process click below!

A Time Tested System

We track and monitor the progress of each and every one of our students using a custom designed computer system. We use the data points from each of our past students to constantly tweak and refine our system. With over 300 success stories over the past four years, we have these tests down to a science! To learn about how we use data to refine our system, click below!

If you're interested in a team who cares for each student and will help them to reach their goals, contact us today!