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The Importance of Pre-Calculous

Posted on 08/29/2017 by Kyle Warden

The Importance of Pre-Calculus

At Score Savers, we have one simple mission: give you the tools to excel in the SAT and ACT, improve your college admissions test scores, and reach your potential by getting into your first choice college. We've helped countless students boost their SAT & ACT scores, giving them a leg up in the college admissions process. We're always looking for ways to improve your chances at college admissions, and we often hear questions about whether or not pre-calculus still matters for college admissions. So, does taking pre-calc still matter for getting into college?

Yes, Pre-Calc Still Matters

Let us answer this question loud and clear: taking pre-calculus is still critically important for college admissions. Despite what many students may think, pre-calc is an important part of your education and college readiness, and proficiency in pre-calculus will have a large impact on which colleges you get into. Some schools refer to the class as math analysis or advanced mathematics, but the truth is it's all pre-calculus – and it's all important.

Many students and parents assume that because they'll be studying a non-mathematical major, they don't need advanced math. While there's some truth to this, there are a number of serious problems with this thinking.

For starters, pre-calculus is on both the SAT and the ACT. Yes – no matter what you may have heard, you will be tested on pre-calc concepts during the math portion of both the SAT and the ACT. In the past, Algebra II was sufficient for taking the SAT, but as of February 2016 both the SAT & the ACT test for pre-calculus. If you don't take the coursework, you'll be woefully unprepared.

Secondly, many colleges and universities have minimum math requirements that you must meet to earn your degree – and guess what that minimum requirement often is? You guessed it: pre-calculus. Because most schools offer the option to test out, taking pre-calc in high school could save you an entire semester of college level mathematics, leaving you free to pursue other coursework or graduate earlier. One way or another, you'll likely be required to take pre-calc before you graduate college – so if you have the opportunity and it'll help with your SAT and ACT scores, you might as well do it now.

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In short, taking pre-calculus in high school is almost a no-brainer – and if you want help preparing for the SAT or ACT, Score Savers is here to help. We've worked with countless students out of our Chino SAT test prep center to help them raise their scores, outperform their peers on the tests, and get into the college of their choice. Don't take a chance on your future – call Score Savers at (818) 659-8422 and improve your SAT & ACT scores today!

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