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A company or organization that tutors can have the best system in the world and decades in business, but none of that matters if the tutors are not great teachers. We can't speak to other tutoring company's practices, but at Score Savers, each and every tutor is individually vetted by the owners of the company, people who have a substantial vested interest in the success of each tutor. Each tutor then must take the tests themselves. If someone is going to teach the test, they should at least get an Ivy League level score on it! Once we confirm that they are up to snuff, they undergo 15 hours of training in test taking stratagy and specific test content. Once they become a tutor we monitor each of their student's improvement using a computer system. If a tutor is not preforming as well as we expect consistantly, then we make adjustments and retrain. It's common sense, but something that is strangely missing from many company practices.